Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Center In Gettysburg, PA

A Leader in Oncology Care Across the Region Since 1989.

Personalized Patient Care

At GCC, we focus on providing the best patient care from diagnosis through treatment.

Premier Doctors

GCC’s doctors are leading efforts to diagnose and treat cancer patients.

Patient Portal

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Infusion Treatment

Our infusion center includes treatment options for both cancer and non-cancer patients.

Innovative Practice

GCC is an innovative leader in cancer research and clinical trials.

Professional Staff

GCC’s experience and compassionate team is dedicated to effectively managing your health care.

GCC Services

Our comprehensive cancer center in Adams county blends world-class expertise, continuity of care, and cutting-edge technology. We are accepting new patients.

Medical Oncology


GCC provides the latest cancer treatments including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and antibody therapy.



ADI offers a range of diagnostic and laboratory services, all located within our center.



GRO is able to provide radiation oncology services that are designed to improve patient outcomes.



GCC has an in-house pharmacy to provide patients with a convenient and cost effective way to fill prescriptions.

Clinical Research

Clinical Research

GCC is on the forefront of research in the treatment of cancer.