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Most Common Forms Of Cancer

As a group of diseases that can occur anywhere in the body and display a variety of symptoms, cancer affects 15,000,000 Americans each year and poses different potentials for severity, spreadability, treatment, survival, and recovery. While anyone has a 38 percent chance of developing some kind of cancer in their lifetime, certain types of the condition are […]

TNM Staging System

When you’re diagnosed with any kind of cancer, it’s important for both you and your doctor to understand where your cancer started, how far along it’s progressed, where it’s located, whether it has spread, and how it affects different parts of the body. For these reasons and to get a better understanding of your cancer, your […]

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer comes in many forms and can manifest in many places throughout the body. When it comes to cancer detection, a variety of signs and symptoms could signify a presence. While a cancer sign is a signal that’s evident to others — such as weight loss or skin changes — a cancer symptom is something […]

Getting Second Opinions From Doctors

If you receive a scary diagnosis from your doctor that you have a serious health condition like cancer or multiple sclerosis — it’s very difficult to keep a level head. As you process the diagnosis and begin to think about what it will mean for your life, you’re probably thinking about the research you’ll need to […]

Is The Long-Time Promise Of Immunotherapy Here?

Cancer immunotherapy is becoming one of the most promising cancer treatments in the past 60 years. The directing of a patients internal immune system to fight-off a full range of cancer types is one of the most promising new approaches to treatment. The treatments have the potential to achieve complete, long-lasting remissions and cancer cures, with few or no side effects, and for any cancer patient, regardless of their cancer type”. For the more than 14.1 million people who are diagnosed with cancer each year, immunotherapy treatments may provide greater potential for results then current forms of treatment.

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